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Help is always appreciated!

In particular, we need help in the following areas:

How to Contribute

When bringing people on as contributors we prefer that they start with an issue tagged good first issue. After a contributor has shown they're a good fit and have completed 1 or 2 issues labeled good first issue with pull requests that have been accepted feel free of moving on to other issues. We're thrilled to see new contributors.

In order to get the repositories setup before contributions refer to the file.

  1. Find a suitable issue

If this is your first-time look for an issue labeled good first issue otherwise look for issues labeled help wanted. If another issue jumps out at you please engage on the issue before starting it.

  1. Assign yourself the issue

Let us know you're working on it! We hate wasted labor so it's always helpful to know what our community contributors are working on.

  1. Fork and clone DAppNode

In general, it's a good practice to fork into your own repository. We prefer if issues are addressed in a branch with the issue number in its name. i.e. 29_this_is_an_issue

  1. Make contributions

Make all the changes needed to address the given issue.

  1. Add testing

In general, we aim for full test coverage. For this reason, most issues completed should include full testing. If you think there should be an exception for your issue please reach out.

  1. Run previous tests

Make sure that the changes that you've made don't break anything!

  1. Push all your work

At this point the issue should be addressed, new testing should be in place, and all old tests should be passing.

  1. Create a Pull Request

At this point, you should either have a forked repository with your issue fixes and it is time to put in a PR. Make sure that your PR has something like addresses #26 or closes #26 The most important thing is that it has the relevant issue number referenced in the body of the PR.

  1. Make noise!

Get in our Discourse Forum and point to your new PR. Let us know you've tackled your first, third or 90th issue with us. We'll review it and everybody will get a warm feeling of accomplishment.

  1. rinse, repeat

    Find another issue, get more involved, make noise in our Riot, or find issues we may have missed. You've completed your first step to becoming a contributor. You're helping to Decentralize the FUTURE!

If you still have any further questions about contribution feel free to reach out to,,, or just make noise in the #DAppNode forum on Discourse.

How to Report Issues

To report an issue, please use the GitHub issues tracker. When reporting issues, please mention the following details:

  • Which version of DAppNode you are using
  • How did you install it and where (physycal , server / VPS)
  • Which platform are you using to connect to your ADMIN UI
  • How to reproduce the issue
  • What was the result of the issue
  • What the expected behavior is

Reducing the source code that caused the issue to a bare minimum is always very helpful and sometimes even clarifies a misunderstanding.

Workflow for Pull Requests

In order to contribute, please fork off of the develop branch and make your changes there. Your commit messages should detail why you made your change in addition to what you did (unless it is a tiny change).

If you need to pull in any changes from develop after making your fork (for example, to resolve potential merge conflicts), please avoid using git merge and instead, git rebase your branch.

Additionally, if you are writing a new feature, please ensure you write appropriate Boost test cases and place them under test/.

New features and bug fixes should be added to the file: please follow the style of previous entries, when applicable.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

Thank you for your help!