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What do I need to develop packages for DAppNode?

It's required to use the DAppNodeSDK, this tool will help you to create the basic files to create a package, let you to upload the package to IPFS and prepare the package for dappnode software.

It's optional but we recommend having installed docker-compose and docker. So you can test if the containers work themselves, with no interactions of the dappnode system.


You need to have installed npm.



You can install it globally in your laptop or PC by executing:

npm install -g @dappnode/dappnodesdk

Basic commands


dappnodesdk init

This command creates basic files of a package. Even you can build this package and install it in a dappnode to check if all is correct.


This command without options builds the package and uploads the package via IPFS to your dappnode only if you are connected via VPN to your dappnode.

dappnodesdk build


dappnodesdk build --provider

This option by default uses dappnode(and if you are connected via VPN you can upload the package to IPFS using the IPFS node that dappnode uses). But you can use a IP:PORT or some service like infura you upload the package to IPFS and obtain a hash.