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Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Mining (LM) launched on Jul 17 2021, 20:00:00 GMT. 5.5% of the total token supply, 5.5 Million NODE, has been allocated to the first LM round of 6 months. NODE reward distribution for the 4 pools available is as follows:

  • Sushiswap NODE/ETH Pool - 40% - 2,200,000 NODE
  • Uniswap NODE/ETH Pool - 40% - 2,200,000 NODE
  • NODE Governance Staking xDai - 10% - 550,000 NODE
  • NODE Governance Staking Mainnet -10% - 550,000 NODE

A further 5.5% of the token supply has been reserved for future rounds of LM. At the end of the first round the team will re-assess the Liquidity Mining program, potentially deploying new pools and distribution.

Liquidity Provision Pools Contract Addresses

LP Token Addresses (Mainnet)

Liquidity Mining Contracts

Weekly Distribution

Round 1 (26 weeks) weekly NODE rewards distribution percentages based on LM supply are as follows:

% per week0.00%3.80%3.80%3.00%3.00%2.50%2.50%2.50%2.50%2.60%2.80%3.00%3.20%3.40%3.60%3.80%4.00%4.20%4.40%4.60%4.80%5.00%5.20%5.40%5.60%5.80%5.00%