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Welcome to Smooth, Dappnode's MEV Smoothing Pool!

Welcome to the Smooth Documentation! Here, you'll find detailed insights and essential information to navigate and maximize your experience with Smooth, an MEV Smoothing Pool designed to enhance rewards for Solo Stakers in the Ethereum network.


Interested in Smooth? Check out Deep Dive into Smooth to get a general idea of how Smooth works, or check the subscription guides to learn how to join!

What is Smooth and why should you join it?

Smooth is a MEV Smoothing Pool designed to elevate the Ethereum solo staking experience. By pooling MEV rewards, Smooth offers Solo Stakers the unique opportunity to earn higher rewards consistently, reducing reliance on luck and maximizing the potential of every staked ether. Join Smooth and take your solo staking experience to the next level!

🎰 Stop Depending on Luck!

Currently, luck plays a big role in every Solo Staker when it comes to earning rewards. While the average validator will propose 3 blocks per year, some will propose more, some less. A Solo Staker does not have any control over this, and can only hope to get lucky and propose as much blocks as possible to maximize their rewards.

Smooth changes this by pooling together the block proposals of all its members, so that every member gets a share of the rewards of every block proposed by the pool. This way, you can stop worrying about luck and start earning rewards consistently!

🚀 Don't miss high fee seasons!

With an average of only 3 block proposals per year, how likely are you to catch a period of high fees? How much does it hurt to see a NFT sale, or a peak in activity and not catch any of the action?

In Smooth, block proposals are constant, so no matter what happens in the network, you will always be there to get your share of it!

💰 Hitting MEV Lottery Blocks

Ever since they arrived, MEV rewards are distributed very unevenly. The vast majority of blocks have very low MEV rewards, while only very few blocks have very high rewards. As a Solo Staker, you have a very low chance of hitting one of these high-reward blocks. The median MEV typically hovers around 0.05 ETH, but certain lottery blocks can reach up to 30, 90, or even 300 ETH!

By adding together all our chances of hitting a lottery block, we have a much higher chance of proposing one! In backtesting simulations, rewards of a Smoothing Pool participant are up to 60% higher than those of a Solo Staker!


For a detailed comparison between Solo Stakers and Smoothing Pool participants' rewards, explore this Smoothing Pool analysis

Lido, Centralized Exchanges and other pools with lots of validators consistently hit lottery blocks because of the sheer numbers of validators they have. They naturally split these rewards between all their validators, effectively being at an advantage vs the average Solo Staker.

This is a centralizing force, as the rich become richer and bigger operations get bigger rewards. Now, Solo Stakers with few validators don't depend on luck to be at par with the big guys!