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Subscribing to Smooth

Hello! In this section you will find all the information on how to subscribe your Validators to Smooth. Even though the process is simple, it is important to follow the steps carefully.

Before subscribing to Smooth!

Only validators with ETH1 withdrawal addresses can be subscribed to Smooth. If you have a validator with a BLS withdrawal address, please update it to an ETH1 withdrawal address before subscribing to Smooth.

Ensure that you have control over the ETH1 withdrawal address of the validators you plan to subscribe to Smooth. This address is the one you will need to use when logging into Smooth's website and manage your validators going forward. Only the withdrawal address has the capability to claim rewards generated by your validators from Smooth.

You have two options to subscribe to Smooth:

  1. Automatic subscription: The simplest way to subscribe, change the fee recipient of your validators to Smooth's address and subscribe automatically when proposing your next block!

  2. Manual subscription: Change the fee recipient of your validators to Smooth's address and use the Smooth's website to subscribe right now, without waiting for your validators to propose a block. Start earning rewards right away!