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🌐 Access your Dappnode

Dappnode is made to work on a dedicated computer, and its main control panel, the Dappmanager, is accessed from another device via my.dappnode , as it is meant to be installed over an operating system that does not include a graphical interface.

Here are four ways you can connect to your Dappnode:

  1. 📡 Wifi: A user-friendly way, especially for those with Dappnode pre-installed on their machines.

  2. 🔐 VPN: Using either Wireguard or OpenVPN, this method is both secure and versatile. You can connect from inside or outside your local network, but if you're connecting from outside, you might need to adjust some settings.

  3. 🔗 Local Proxy (Recovery): This is a backup connection method. It allows you to connect to Dappmanager when you're on the same local network. It's mainly for recovery purposes because of its limitations.

  4. 💻 Terminal (Advanced, Recovery): This is for those who know their way around computer commands. It provides complete control but might be complex for some users.


💡 To ensure you can always access your Dappnode, it's a smart idea to set up and know more than one connection method. In the coming sections, we'll guide you through setting up each of these connection ways.