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Access Dappnode via Wi-Fi

After connecting your Dappnode to the router and power, and turning it on, it's time to connect to it.


You don't need a monitor, keyboard, or mouse to use Dappnode. You just need to plug it to your router and you can access it from your laptop or mobile phone's browser!

1. Connect to DappnodeWIFI:

  • After a couple of minutes of being turned on, your dappnode will generate a WiFi hotspot
  • From the device you wish to connect with, look for the Wi-Fi network named DappnodeWIFI.
  • Connect using the default password: dappnode.

Connect to Dappnode Wi-Fi

2. Access the Dappnode Interface:



How can I change my Dappnode Wi-Fi password? To change the Wi-Fi password:

  1. While connected to the Dappnode, go to Wi-Fi Settings

  2. Enter your new desired password in both the "New Password" and "Confirm New Password" fields.

  3. Click on "Change Credentials".


I can't access my Dappnode via Wi-Fi You can explore other methods to access your Dappnode here.