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1. Register as New User

Start by setting up your new account:

  1. Input your desired Username.
  2. Select a secure password. It should include a combination of characters, numbers, and special symbols for optimal security.
  3. Confirm your password to ensure accuracy.
  4. Click the Register button.


2. Secure Your Recovery Token

Upon successful registration, you'll be provided with a Recovery Token. This token is crucial for:

  • Retrieving your password if forgotten.

  • Regaining account access if needed.

    To safeguard your token:

  • Click the button or link labeled "View Recovery Token".

  • Diligently copy the token and store it in a safe location.


We recommend that you store your token in both digital (encrypted) and physical forms (noted and stored securely). If you lose access to both your password and token, you will lose access to your account.

Recovery Token

3. Logging In

With your account ready and Recovery Token secured:

  1. Proceed to the Login page.
  2. Input your Username and Password.
  3. Press the Login button to dive into your Dappnode account.



Want to change your password?
Visit Profile Settings to reset it.
Forgot your password?
Go to the Login page and click on "Forgot your password?". You'll be prompted to enter the recovery token you saved during registration. Once entered, you'll be able to reset your password.
Lost your recovery token?
If you've lost your recovery token, there is still a chance to regain access to the Dappmanager UI. However, you will require accessing via terminal. Once you are in, you can get your recovery token by running the following command:
cat /usr/src/dappnode/DNCORE/admin-recovery-token.txt