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Dappnode commands

Dappnode comes with a set of commands that can be used to manage the system. These commands can be used directly from the command line.



Go to the Access your Dappnode's terminal section to learn more about how to access the terminal.

Below is a list of available commands in Dappnode:

  • dappnode_help: prints out this message

  • dappnode_wifi: get wifi credentials (SSID and password)

  • dappnode_openvpn: get Open VPN credentials

  • dappnode_wireguard: get Wireguard VPN credentials. Use dappnode_wireguard --help for more info

  • dappnode_connect: check connectivity methods available in Dappnode

  • dappnode_status: get status of dappnode containers

  • dappnode_start: start dappnode containers

  • dappnode_stop: stop dappnode containers

To run a command, enter it in your Dappnode terminal. For example:

I get the error "command not found"
If you get the error `command not found` when trying to execute a dappnode command, it means that the command is not available in your system. You need to load the dappndoe profile as follows:
source /usr/src/dappnode/DNCORE/.dappnode_profile