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2. Configuring your Dappnode


We recommend going through Initial Setup of Dappnode Driving School before watching these videos, as these videos expect you to have a basic understanding of how your Dappnode works and how to access it.

Once you have your Dappnode up and running, you can start configuring it to suit your needs. Here are some videos to help you with that:

🧬 2.1 Repositories

Your Dappnode uses two technologies in order to stay decentralized and permissionless. In this video we'll go through Ethereum and IPFS and how do they work in Dappnode.

🧮 2.2 Dappnode Monitoring Service (DMS)

This video is about Dappnode Monitoring Service, a tool that will make it easy to monitor your Dappnode's health and activity.

🌡 2.3 Ethical Metrics

Ethical Metrics is Dappnode's private solution to notify you through Email and Telegram when there's unexpected behavior in your Dappnode.