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Dashboard View

The dashboard view is the main page of the DAppNode interfaces.

  1. Dashboard: To back to the main view of the DAppNode interface.
  2. Wi-Fi panel: set up the wifi access of your dappnode.
  3. VPN: set up the vpn access of your dappnode.
  4. DAppStore: The place where you can install the package you want.
  5. Packages: You can manage your packages from this view.
  6. System: Where you can do so many configurations of your DAppNode. You can read a more detailed guide on the system view page of this documentation.
  7. Community: Access to all the channels of DAppNode.
  8. SDK: This zone is for developers.
  9. Support:
  10. Chains: The states of your nodes.
  11. State: If the node has some problem, is syncing or is synced, this information will appeard here.
  12. Machine stats: Hardware stats of your machine: CPU, RAM, Disk Space.
  13. Package Updates: It will appear the enabled update for the packages you have installed.
  14. Name of the server / IP / DynDNS:
  15. Fast access to sync state: check the state of your nodes.
  16. Notifications area
  17. Exit: log out area.

You can obtain a more detailed guide os every page on the relative page view of this documentation.