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This guide will follow step by step what you have to do after receiving your DAppNode Hardware in a more detailed way. So if you have experienced some trouble you can do it again following this guide.

If you have bought a DAppNode you don't have to install a thing, this hardware includes the latest version of DAppNode. You will need only need:

  • Physical access to your router
  • A device (computer (preferred) or smartphone)

1. Plug DAppNode into the router

Place your DAppNode next to the router and connect the DAppNode to the router with the Ethernet cable provided in the box.

2. Connect DAppNode to power

Connect DAppNode to power and turn it on.

3. Set up the Access to the UI

After plugging your DAppNode, it will take 2 to 4 minutes to start all its processes. You don't need to plug a screen or a keyboard to the DAppNode, it will try to give you access to its User Interface through the following methods:

  1. Local Proxy
  2. Wifi
  3. VPN wireguard
  4. VPN openVPN

If the method on the list does not seem to work, try the next.

3.1 Local Proxy

From your device's browser (computer or phone), try to access your DAppNode through the URL https://dappnode.local while connected to the same network DAppNode is connected to. Remember, you must let the DAppNode start its processes after turning it on, so make sure you wait for around 5 minutes before trying to connect to http://dappnode.local . If you can't connect, try the next acccess method:

3.2 Wifi

After the DAppNode has booted, it will create a wifi network with the next credentials:

Network Name (SSID): DAppNodeWifi

Password: dappnode

Search for this network from your device's WiFi networks list and log in with the given password.

After connecting to this wifi, go to http://my.dappnode/ from the browser of your device and you'll be brought to the Admin UI.

3.3 VPN Wireguard

3.4 VPN OpenVPN

4. First Steps

The first time you access your DAppNode you need to set up some parameters. You can follow all this process in a detailed way on the section User guide First steps.

After setting up your DAppNode We recommend you to read the User Section, you can find there how this documentation is structured and how to learn more about DAppNode and its UI.