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Now you know what is DAppNode and want to know how you can engage with DAppNode. Firstly, you need to run DAppNode in a dedicated machine, that means you should use a machine only for dappnode.

DAppNode users have to understand that every package is unique and has its own requirements. Some packages need more disk space or use more the RAM than others.

As we said before, DAppNode is a open source project. You can see the source code and install it in your own machine. Where and how to run DAppNode?

DAppNode Hardware

If you are a non technical user, we recommend you buy a prebuilt DAppNode Hardware because it's easier. You don't have to worry about hardware specifications and manual installations. You only need to plug in and follow the instructions. You can get more information in the section DAppNode Hardware.

The objective of this product is make easier and reduce the need to use a terminal as much as possible. The main advantage is that you don't need to touch the terminal to access to your dappnode and its UI.

Custom Hardware

If you are a user who wants to run custom hardware, you can follow the guide on the section Custom Hardware. There you will find information about the different installation processes and hardware recomendations.

ARM Hardware

If you plan to use ARM hardware, the installation process is slighltly different. You can find the corresponding information on ARM Hardware.