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Welcome to DAppNode!!

If you are reading this, decentralization, privacy and security are important to you. And we get you. That's why we are here to help you run your own secure hardware which contributes to a truly decentralized web.

DAppNode is an operating system that allows you to host decentralized apps in a truly decentralized way and eliminates the reliance on third parties vulnerable to centralization. It also adds an extra layer of incentivization that helps spread adoption of the blockchain ecosystem and solves the problem of infrastructure centralization.

The problem

Most nodes for public blockchains nowadays have a degree of architectural or/and political centralization. The first refers to the number of machines a system is made of, and the second concerns the ownership of such machines, Vitalik Buterin, 2017.

A first very common case is to host a node in a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This puts your node in the hands of a highly centralized company like Digital Ocean or Amazon, which could block and censor your access. Moreover, they could be hosting different nodes in the same machine, architecturally reducing decentralization too.

Another common case in the Ethereum blockchain is to connect through a node owned by Infura. While Infura's work on providing infrastructure for the network is comiable and a necessity at this stage, we can see how the ownership of a majority of nodes by the same company is a centralizing factor.

We, DAppNode, have set up to empower everyone, regardless of their technical ability, to be able to break free of any centralization and possibility of access censorship by running their own node and host their favourite DApps.

DAppNode connects users to the decentralized web and creates the infrastructure for DApps to run services 24x7 in a truly decentralized manner.

You can start using DAppNode in two ways:

  1. Either you can install DAppNode on any piece of hardware (see minimum requirements), or
  2. You can acquire one of our pre-installed DAppNode servers for the easiest and most convenient way of to get easy censorship-resistant access to your favorite DApps. With both you will have the ability to host your own nodes and also share its access with family and friends.

For developers, we also developed an SDK for DAppNodePackage (DNP) developers and we expect to see many DApps with their own DNP that improve the user experience and decentralizes access. For example, there could be a DApp accelerator that allows the devices not having to synchronize the chain to start using it, like a cache system for the DAppNode users. Other use cases could be a prepared service for staking in any chain, a client for other chains, a scrawl of a decentralized search engine, etc.

Within the DAppNode project, we have a storefront that will allow any person to install and configure their own project in just minutes, facilitating the visibility and decentralization of its growth and expansion. We believe this is the beginning of a new model, a P2P economy that makes projects truly decentralized and accessible to anyone.

We envision a self-sustaining system where users support their favorite projects, by providing the service that the project needs and in return it provides the necessary income to amortize the costs of the DAppNode.

The Desired Final User Story

  1. Vojtech has several cryptocurrencies he follows and is ready to stop using his laptop to run clients. He also doesn’t want to have to pay a monthly subscription in fiat to some company he doesn’t trust with his private keys.

  2. He hears about DAppNode and decides to buy the top of the line DAppNode server pre-loaded from one of the many certified independent vendors (though he could buy his own server and install the software himself).

  3. The DAppNode server is delivered to his front door, and when Vojtech opens the box he finds a 2 step instruction card: First, plug in the server. Second, go to

  4. On this website, there is an extremely simple and short walk-through for Vojtech to set up his credentials and choose which clients to deploy.

  5. By just checking a few boxes, Vojtech deployed his own VPN; his own local instance of; Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero and Dogecoin Full nodes; a ZenCash Secure Node and DASH Master Node; he joined the IPFS Consortium and deployed a TrueBit Verifier and Livepeer node; and hosted Giveth, Swarm City, Aragon, Colony, and Decentraland Helper DApps to support these projects and to ensure that his interaction with these DApps cannot be censored and is fully trustless.

  6. Vojtech then tells his friends and family that he is the admin for his own DAppNode and he is able to give them a link that sets them up with their own credentials and access to his DAppNode. Vojtech can deploy any other DApps that he or his friends and family want to have hosted with a couple clicks. He has become the trusted gateway to the decentralized world for his entire community.

  7. Vojtech ends up being able to pay off the cost of his DAppNode in 2 months with the profits made from his ZenCash, Swarm City, DASH and TrueBit Nodes. He also canceled his VPN and all of his Digital Ocean accounts because now he has his own server that he can host all of his services on. Without even trying, Vojtech has a couple extra hundred dollars a month because he is running DAppNode on his own personal server.

We started working on this project mostly part-time in October 2017; now we have a team of 6 working full time. We have a fully functional MVP version that we have been sharing with the community. We have partnered with hardware manufacturers and we are very close to being ready for shipping DAppNode servers worldwide!

We have been developing in an invitingly open source manner and now that the software is completed anyone can use their own hardware to run DAppNode on it.

This project is a community funded and fully open source project that has received support from Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum Community Fund, Eth Prize, Aragon NEST, GitCoin and private donors.

We are open to receive donations from any interested parties to help pay the developers working hard on software development.

See our campaign on to make a donation:

Ready to jump in? Here we go!

Benefits of DAppNode

  • Easy set up
  • Trustless system
  • Invitingly Open Source
  • Free up space on your Devices
  • Great for proof of stake mining
  • You can browse .eth domains like the normal web
  • You take control of your Nodes
  • Encourages people to have their own server
  • Perfect for projects that reward you for hosting, (Filecoin, Mysterium, etc)
  • Can facilitate a P2P economy
  • Host any P2P networking protocols
  • DApp teams can develop packages their users can run 24x7
  • Never trust a hosting provider with your private keys again!
  • One click node deployment (Full Nodes, DApps)
  • Censorship resistance (run your own VPN)
  • 1 DAppNode can support an entire Community
  • DAppNode will build communities and decrease centralization
  • DAppNode is the most important piece of infrastructure for our decencentralized future
  • Considering all of the incentive structures to to run nodes, most DAppNode Admins will be make a profit maintaining their own DAppNode

Team members

  • Adviser & Instigator: Jordi Baylina
  • Adviser: Griff Green
  • Project Lead: Eduardo Antuña
  • Front-End Lead: DAppLion
  • DevOps: Vdo
  • Ecosystem development: Pol Lanski
  • Ecosystem development: Álex Casas

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