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Core Packages

What is a core package?

The general definition of a core package would be a package is core if this one is required for the basic performance of a dappnode.

What are the core packages?

The core packages are the next:

  • Wifi: This package set up the wifi access.
  • Dappmanager: This package contains the front-end and backend that managers the containers, packages, etc. It's the main package of dappnode.
  • Ipfs:
  • bind (will be removed soon and replaced by docker bind): This package manage the urls of dappnode.
  • Https:
  • OpenVpn: It's a package that let you set up the vpn access via OpenVPN to your dappnode.
  • Wireguard: It's a package that let you set up the vpn access via Wireguard to your dappnode.

Characteristics of core packages

Firstly, we can separate the core packages into two types: mandatory and optional.

The mandatory core packages are installed and they can't be uninstalled:

  • Wifi
  • Dappmanager
  • Ipfs
  • bind

The optional core packages can be uninstalled if the user wishes it but they bring you up some basic features:

  • https
  • openvpn
  • wireguard