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Here you can find the different places where you can contact to DAppNode team and community. Support channels is for people need to some kind of help.


It's a fast way to receive help, some experienced dappnode users and devs team will try to help you as soon as possible.


In case you have some problem with your DAppNode or some configurations. You can ask for help in some of our supports channels (discord and forum).

How to report an issue properly?

An issue can be opened for requesting features or reporting errors mainly. We recommend opening an issue in our Github repository. It's so important you select the repository correctly. If there is a bug in the documentation or you would like some content is here you should do it in the DAppNodeDocs repository. But if the issue is related to the application you should open an issue on the DAppMannager repository.

Documentation issue

Now we know where we have to create an issue, we will create an issue as example. In this case, we will create an issue for the documentation.

  1. Go to the dappnodeDocs repository of DAppNode in Github. In the Issues tab we see this screen.

  1. Click on the report a bug button :

Fill the issue with what problem you see and a possible solution.

Dappnode aplication issue

In case you find a not resolved problem we recommend to open an issue here. You can report a bug too in the forum directly from the admin UI.If you go to Support > Report.

You have two buttons:

  • Report: Some useful data about your DAppNode is added to the post where you have to define what bug you have found.
  • Report without providing information: If you don't want to give information about your dappnode(this information is not personal, it's related to what version of dappnode are you using, OS, package versions, etc) you can do it by clicking this button.