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Wifi Hotspot

If you have bought a DAppNode or you have installed DAppNode in a physical device with Wi-fi, you can directly connect to your server's admin UI by connecting your client device to the DAppNode's wifi hotspot.

When you connect your DAppNode server to your router via Ethernet you will see a network called DAppNodeWIFI, just connect to that Wifi using the default password "dappnode" and you will have direct access to your DappNode server ADMIN UI while connected to that WIFI.


Password: dappnode

Once you have access to the UI, you should modify these predefined values on the WI-FI section.

⚠️ Please immediately change the name of the WIFI and the password by setting up the new values in the WIFI section you can access by clicking on the Wi-Fi tab on the left menu.

Once you have access to the wi-fi section, there are 2 tabs:

  • Status: you can enable/disable the wifi.
  • Credentials: you can set up the different values for wifi: SSID (name of the wifi network DAppNode will create) and define a new password.