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VPN view

This page can be a bit different depending on how you have installed DAppNode or what packages are installed.

There are 2 tabs:

  • OpenVpn
  • Wireguard


OpenVPN is installed by default. You will see the next image.

The options are:

  • Credentials: Get linkutdated and it does not matter now.
  • Reset: Remove and create new credentials for OpenVPN.
  • Remove: Remove the configurations of the device you select.

You have a full guide about how to set up OpenVPN and the OpenVPN client here.


Wireguard is not installed#

In this case, wireguard is not installed in your DAppNode. You can do it by clicking on the link that appears.

Wireguard is installed#

If the Wireguard package is installed you will see something like the following screen.

You have a full guide about how to set up Wireguard and the Wireguard client here.