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Earn with Staking in Dappnode

Decentralize Proof-of-Stake chains and earn

Dappnode makes it extremely simple to stake and validate Proof-of-Stake chains such as Ethereum, Gnosis Chain and LUKSO. Not only do you contribute to the network's security, but you also earn handsome rewards.

Dappnode offers you the best UX, through our Stakers UI, with which you can run a validator node in a few simple steps and without ever needing command line or technical knowledge.

The Stakers UI

You can run all the infrastructure for Ethereum, Gnosis Chain and LUKSO in 4 steps through the Stakers UI:

Apart from installing the nodes, you will need to generate the keys for the validator and deposit (or "stake"!) your crypto. Please refer to each section for Ethereum, Gnosis Chain and LUKSO for step-by-step guides.

Can I stake without 32 ETH?

Yes! Thanks to LSDs AND DVT tech, you don't need 32 ETH to stake. Or you can stake in Gnosis Chain or LUKSO, which have more affordable cost for a solo validator.

For more information on LSDs and DVT and how you can stake Ethereum without 32 ETH, please check their dedicated pages on the side menu under Ethereum > LSD Pools or Ethereum > DVT.

What is Staking?

Staking is the act of allocating a portion of your cryptocurrency holdings as collateral to participate in:

  1. Validating Blocks: Confirming transaction records and adding them to the blockchain.
  2. Securing the Chain: Ensuring the network remains resistant to malicious intentions.
  3. Earning Rewards: As a validator, you get paid for your services in the form of more cryptocurrency.

Why Stake with Dappnode?

Simplicity is our mantra! We've streamlined the staking process, so all you need to do is:

  • Select your desired blockchain.
  • Dive into our comprehensive documentation for step-by-step guidance.
  • Begin your staking journey.

Happy Staking!